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Awuor Otieno Dorothy

Dorothy is the founder of Nyalore Impact, a social enterprise based in Homa Bay town, Western Kenya, that specializes in the sale of improved cookstoves, as well as the production and sale of briquettes. Dorothy was introduced to clean technologies and fuels in 2014, by her son who had noticed the struggles she experienced using charcoal for cooking. While she was immediately entranced by the idea of distributing briquettes, her first sales demonstration at a hotel went horribly wrong, when the fuel failed to burn cleanly as a result of using an inefficient stove. During the demonstration the entire hotel kitchen was blanketed in smoke. Fortunately, this experience bolstered her resolve to learn everything she could about the opportunities and gaps in improved cookstoves and briquettes. After registering her company in 2016, Dorothy begun distributing her products in Homa Bay and Migori counties.


As her business grew, Dorothy was eager to learn how to expand her market reach; in the face of stiff competition from manufacturer's with low operating costs and minimal awareness of clean cooking technologies in rural communities. Through support from w various partners in the clean cooking. Dorothy is receiving mentorship tailored towards business plan creation and improvement of management and leadership skills.

Other staff......
Kizito Odhiambo, Entrepreneurship Advisor
Liza Akinyi Owino, M&E Advisor
Brian Ochieng Lumumba, Account Officer
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